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75 Minute Training Session



In this hands on training session, you will learn valuable techniques that help you become a calm, confident and consistent leader to your dog. I will teach you how to establish clear communication, build engagement, set realistic expectations, curb unwanted behaviors and promote daily fulfillment. This will ultimately create a loving and respectful relationship inside and outside your home. 


The training takes place in your home, at a nearby park, or other agreed upon location. Each session is focused on your goals and your dog's unique needs.


dog training

Skills we can work on:

  • Commands (sit, down, heel, come, place, leave it, etc)

  • Markers (Yes, Ah Ah, Good)

  • Puppy Prep & Puppy Training (8 weeks-6 months)

  • Front door etiquette 

  • Jumping

  • Boundaries (doorways, kitchen, etc)

  • Structured walks

  • Leash skills

  • Respecting personal space

  • Separation anxiety

  • Fearfullness

  • Overexcitement

  • Aggression/reactivity issues

  • Socialization

  • Crate training

  • On and off-leash obedience

  • E-collar training

2 Week Board & Train
(reach out for pricing)


Each Board & Train is catered to the specific needs of the dog and owner, but the overall goal of my program is to build the relationship and obedience, which will help modify your dog's behaviors. This is not a "have a trainer fix my dog" scenario. YOU are the common denominator of the problem and solution! I will teach you to approach your dog differently, practice with clarity and be consistent. At least one owner-involved session per week is preferred. Dog must be kid-friendly and crate trained.

B&T includes:​​

  • GoPro videos of training sessions with your dog for you to keep and reference

  • Written notes and Week 1 & 2 protocols for when your dog returns home

  • A 2 hour transfer session upon drop-off

  • Two 1 hour "tune-up" sessions for continued success at home


Structured Boarding


Give your dog a safe and structured home environment while you are away! Your dog will get daily fulfillment through structured walks, daily obedience sessions, interactive feeding and playtime with other friendly dogs (if applicable). 

*Dog must be kid-friendly and crate trained.

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